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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy combines exercise and education about how the body moves and operates. Seeing a chiropractor in Bel Air, MD, can provide many benefits to patients seeking pain management, treatment for injuries, and recovering back to a properly functioning body. In addition, physical therapists can help provide lifestyle suggestions, including at-home exercises, diet, and activity changes recommended to help you heal and have a healthy body. 


When searching for a “chiropractor near me,” don’t forget to contact North Chiropractic. We are a chiropractor in Havre de Grace and Bel Air, MD, ready to provide physical therapy treatment for our patients. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy extends chiropractic care, offering patients continued non-invasive and drug-free treatments, helping them recover from the pain and restoring their body’s natural performance. Some benefits of physical therapy at a chiropractor in Bel Air, MD, may include the following: 

Physical Therapy Helps the Body Recover

If you have been in an accident, physical therapy can help reduce the symptoms many injuries or adverse events cause. For example, the specialist can help strengthen muscles injured from an accident or stroke, allowing the patient to recover faster and return to their daily life. Additionally, physical therapy increases flexibility and encourages better health while helping some patients avoid surgery. 

Physical Therapy can Improve Mobility

After an injury, the body may not move as well as before the accident. Seeking physical therapy can build strength in the muscles and improve flexibility, which can reduce mobility issues. Additionally, physical therapy helps the body recover faster after surgery, assisting patients in getting up and moving to encourage a speedy recovery. 

Physical therapy Can Lower the Risk of Aggravating an Injury

If you have a tear, strain, or other traumatic injury to the muscles or other soft tissue, physical therapy can help reduce the risk of aggravating the injury. In addition, physical therapy can help strengthen the surrounding muscles and improve flexibility, which can help avoid causing further damage to an existing injury. 

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